Thinking of Consuming your Placenta- Know all About Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta is the organ which surrounds the fetus in the uterus and carries the essential nutrients, waste and the blood between the mother and the child.  When the baby is delivered, the placenta is expelled from the uterus.

Placenta encapsulation is a process of consuming the placenta and is an ancient method that was initially followed in Chinese medicine. These days, Placenta encapsulation is again becoming popular as it is believed that there are many benefits of ingesting the Placenta.

thinking of consuming your placentaHow is Placenta Encapsulation Done?

Placental encapsulation is a practice which involves ingesting of the Placenta after it is steamed, dehydrated, ground and made into the form of pills or capsules.  The pills are given to the mother and it is believed that this imparts numerous health benefits to her and the baby.  It is given shortly after giving birth and mostly during a woman’s menstrual period.

What are the Various Health Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation?

According to many traditional and holistic customs, there are many health benefits of this process.  The following are some of the main benefits of Placental encapsulation:

  • One of the main benefits of placenta encapsulation is that it leads to an increase in the release of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone helps the uterus to get back to its normal size and also helps the mother to bond with the newly born baby.
  • Due to the ingestion of the placenta capsules, there is an increase in CRH which is an effective stress reducing hormone in the body.
  • Due to placental encapsulation, there is also an increase in the production of milk and this is another benefit of this process or procedure.
  • By taking the placenta, one can restore the iron levels in the blood and this too is one of the major advantages or opting for this process.
  • On ingestion of the placenta, there is decrease in the post-partum depression which a female is likely to experience.

How Safe is Placenta Encapsulation?

It is a known fact that placenta encapsulation poses no inherent risk if ingested only by the mother.  But if it is taken by the friends or the family members of the mother, then it may lead to certain negative side effects and also blood-borne diseases.  Also, the placenta must be kept refrigerated like any other meat product if it has to be stored even for a short duration of time.

How to Opt for Placenta Encapsulation:

There are many placenta encapsulation experts or specialists present in the major cities of every country.  One has to complete set of training courses etc. to become a specialist in this field and this treatment must thus be done only by someone who possesses the right amount of knowledge and training.

It is important to know that in some states, removing the placenta from the hospital is not allowed and forbidden.  It is better to research the various techniques that your chosen facility offers to ensure that the placenta is being handled carefully.


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