7 Tips to Involve Fathers During Pregnancy

It is true that it is the mother who carries the baby in her womb and thus establishes a bonding and connection but at the same time, a father too must bond and be involved during pregnancy as much. Pre-natal bonding is a beautiful and important part of pregnancy and fathers too can experience it by getting engaged. While some men themselves make efforts to be involved, others may not be too keen. So here is a list of the top 7 ways to involve fathers during pregnancy which you can try.

tips to involve fathers during pregnancy

1. Talk to the Baby

Encourage the dad to talk to the baby while placing a gentle hand on your tummy. At first he may feel awkward but as the baby develops and grows he may start responding and this can be a great experience and proof of bonding.

2. Touch the Baby

Another way you can involve the father during pregnancy is by asking him to touch the belly every day.  Baby tends to recognise the touch and responds back and this can be a great way for the father to feel connected with the baby.  Let the father place the hand when the baby is kicking.

3. Take Child Preparation Classes Together

Most hospitals and other institutes organize child preparation classes these days which can be attended either by the mother or by both the partner together. Encourage your husband to take that class with you as there are many important things they teach about labour, childbirth and caring for the baby once he is born.

4. Have a Couple Baby Shower

Baby showers involving only women can make the father feel a left out. Thus it is a good idea to organize a couple’s baby shower where even close male relatives and friends are also invited. This will make the dad feel very involved and part of the process of pregnancy.

5. Pick the Baby’s Name Out Together

During pregnancy, make sure you ask your partner to think of good names for the baby. This will make him realize how important he is in the pregnancy phase and may feel a little more involved closely. List down names together, shortlist the best ones and then choose the final one.

6. Go out Shopping for Baby Stuff Together

Make sure you never go out shopping for baby stuff on your own. Insist on going out with your partner and make him pick out things like clothes, footwear, caps, nappies, baby creams and others. This will really include him in the loop and will make him feel involved/

7. Take him to your Ultrasound Sessions

Another best way to make your husband feel physically and emotionally bonded with your baby is to take him to the ultrasound sessions. These sessions will show the baby on the screen and this can really stir and stimulate his emotions. This can be a great way to experience something beautiful together as parents.


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