To Drink Or Not To Drink – Question Baffles Pregnant women

At one point everyone was celebrating the glad tidings of the imminent arrival of a brand new person into the family and toasting the good news with champagne; the new mom – to – be included.

Then we were told that no alcohol was to pass a pregnant woman’s lips; at any time during her pregnancy. All manners of fetal abnormalities and complications at the time of birth could result from drinking alcohol, we were told.

Then we are again told that alcohol may not be really bad for pregnant women; that may actually make their kids smarter.

So where does that leave pregnant women on the issue of alcohol consumptions during pregnancy? In a word, Confused!

Pregnant women are now confused about alcohol consumption during pregnancy since guidelines have changed frequently on this subject according to a study. In the event, more women are baffled about alcohol consumption during pregnancy, about what is safe and what is not.

The only thing that one can conclude from the conflicting information is that the best thing to do is err on the side of caution and abstain altogether.

This can be the guideline for women until such time as more research is done into the impacts of alcohol on a mother and unborn baby in a substantive and conclusive manner.


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