Top 5 Questions Pregnant Women Ask

Pregnancy can bring with it excitement and anticipation, but equally a host of questions about safety of foods, behaviors, and a lot else besides. The 5 most commonly asked questions by pregnant women are–

pregnant womenWhat can I do for the nausea? Mini meals, healthy snacks, not keeping the stomach empty can all help. Ginger is a good antidote and some recommend Vitamin B6 to combat pregnancy related nausea. Sour candies and acupressure bands also help.

When will I start showing? The start of the baby bump is usually palpable around the 12th week when the uterus grows out of the pelvic cavity.

Is sex OK? It is perfectly OK so long as there is not medical contraindication that advises abstinence. Also if you feel like it, go right ahead and in most cases it is perfectly safe to keep at it right up to the time that the waters break.

What food should I avoid? Alcohol, fish with high mercury levels, soft cheese and other unpasteurized dairy products, deli meat, unwashed produce are best avoided.

How do I remember to take my vitamins? Keep your meds next to your toothbrush, so if you brush twice a day you know that you have to take your pills right alongside. Also carry some in your purse, so that if you remember at odd times you can make up for when you forgot.


  1. Thanks for the 5 tips. Pregnant women should also avoid alcohol and smoking. Recently a friend of mine had to abort the baby because she smoke too much. Regrets is useless!


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