Learn the Truth About Chemical Pregnancy

There are a lot of women asking what is a chemical pregnancy. If women take a pregnancy test when they are supposed to have their period, they could get a positive result. They may start spreading the good news and then they get their period. This is what the given concept refers to.

What is the pregnancy that is chemical?

Although you may think that it is a false positive pregnancy result, you really were pregnant. However a miscarriage took place at a very early stage. The only indication of the pregnancy was the biochemical test and a missed period. No other test could have shown that you had a pregnancy.

Chemical PregnancyYou should know about the chemical kind of pregnancy that in the moment when the pregnancy can be seen with the help of an ultrasound, it is called clinical pregnancy. This kind of pregnancy ends with a miscarriage earlier than the 5th week of pregnancy, about a week after the missed period.

Symptoms of chemical pregnancy

One of the most obvious symptoms is that you have a positive test and shortly after you have a vaginal bleeding. This is thought to be your period. If you have a blood test it should show that your hCG levels are decreasing instead of increasing.


According to the specialists the pregnancy which is chemical occurs for the same reason as any other kind of miscarriage. Most probably the baby has some kind of chromosomal abnormality. It is very difficult to determine the causes because it is almost impossible to gather samples for testing.


The specialists can’t know how common the chemical type of pregnancy is but according to some of the specialists about 70% of all pregnancies end with a miscarriage. If a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant and doesn’t track her menstrual cycles closely may never know that she had a pregnancy of this kind.

It is possible that it is the chemical pregnancy’s fault that your period is late a few days. As it has been mentioned before, there are no other symptoms than the bleeding, and this is why the majority of women don’t really know what is going on inside their uterus.

Recovery after the chemical form of pregnancy

The pregnancy in this case ends at a very early stage so it doesn’t really have time to affect the body of women physically. They look just like the normal periods that are a couple of days late. According to one of the studies, the bleeding after the pregnancy could turn out to be lighter than regular periods.

On the other hand a pregnancy of the chemical kind could cause more cramping than usual. However there is no reason to be worried about the recovery process.

Now you have more information about chemical pregnancy and you can see that this is something that may happen in spite of your desire to have a baby. Try and keep a positive attitude because it will help you recover faster.


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