The Link Between Vitamin D and Pregnancy

When it comes to vitamin D and pregnancy, it is good to know that it helps to maintain bone and muscle strength.

In the same time, this vitamin makes it possible for the body to absorb calcium. It also offers protection against different kinds of illnesses and conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Information about vitamin D during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is important to have vitamin D because it has an important role to play in the development of the bone structure of the baby.

If the mother has a vitamin D deficiency it is possible that the baby won’t have enough calcium in his bones. In severe cases the baby could have bone deformity.

Vitamin D and PregnancyThe sun

Women can get vitamin D during pregnancy through the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is possible for women to be affected by vitamin deficiency if they don’t spend enough time in the sunlight.

This happens if women spend a lot of time indoors or if they have their skin covered by clothes.

When thinking about vitamin D and pregnancy it is important to get the right amount without increasing the risks of being affected by skin cancer. During the summer, the fair skinned people can have enough sun provided D vitamin if they have their arms, hands and face uncovered during their normal activities.


It is true regarding vitamin D during pregnancy that there are some foods that come with this vitamin, but the intake isn’t high enough. Even more, there are only a few kinds of foods that come with this vitamin and these cover only about 10% of the needs of pregnant women.

This is why it is important to take the supplements that have been suggested by your doctor. The need of vitamin D and pregnancy could vary from one period to the other depending on your blood level. It is possible that at the beginning you will need higher levels and then it will build up. It isn’t possible to get an overdose in this case.

The baby

In case the mother doesn’t have enough vitamin D during pregnancy the breast milk won’t have enough vitamin D either and so the little one will need some extra vitamin D. In this case mothers could offer their babies some Pentavite, a kind of liquid multivitamin that can be found in pharmacies.

The right dosage regarding vitamin D and pregnancy is of about 0.45 ml per day. Most probably you will know about this problem even before you leave the hospital and a nurse will show you how to give the multivitamin to the baby.

After the pregnancy

You should monitor your intake of vitamin D during pregnancy but also after it. The women with low levels of vitamin D during their pregnancy are advised to continue their vitamin supplements to be protected against different kinds of health issues.

The link between vitamin D and pregnancy is extremely important so make sure you get the vitamin and take good care of yourself.


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