Want To Know The Sex Of Your Baby? So Do Other Expectant Parents…

According to an online survey conducted, a majority of expectant parents want to know sex of their unborn baby before the actual arrival of the newborn.

sex of babyWhile most parents agreed that the sex of the baby did not matter to them and that they had no preference one way or the other, they did want to know beforehand, since this has become something of a social norm; for parents to find out the sex of their baby before the actual arrival.

42% of parents said that they wanted to know the sex so that they could be better organized for the event. The same amount of people said that they wanted to know just out of curiosity. Parents also wanted to know so that they can share their news with family and friends.

40% of expectant parents, however, did not want to know what their stork was bringing. They wanted to be surprised by the news.

So what about you? Do you want to know now when you are expecting, so that you know what to expect and how to prepare, or would you rather be surprised, in the old fashioned way?


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