Ways to Happiness During Pregnancy

A happy and stress-free mind is the first essential element for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Many studies have clearly proved that the more you worry, get tensed, anxious and get over protective about anything (even your health), the more will be the frown lines and unwanted pregnancy complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, preterm labor, abdominal cramps and other fetal issues.

Staying happy during pregnancy is not only for yourself but also for the healthy growth of the child within you. There are plenty of simple ways leading to happiness when you are expecting the biggest happiness of your life. These 9 months are very crucial and needs utmost care and attention – both mentally and physically; check out the ways to stay happy during pregnancy.

ways to happiness during pregnancyFollow Medical Science Only

Once you get pregnant, everyone around you will become an expert guide to flood you with ideas, advices and comments on you and your baby bump. Just do not concentrate on them and be open to medical recommendations only. Discuss your health conditions only with your doctor and follow his guidance to get the best possible health condition. The more you hear and attend the public talks; the more you will get tensed unnecessarily!

Stay Engaged

Empty mind is the devil’s workplace, therefore get yourself into a set routine. If you are working then office work is more than enough, post that you get into some mind relaxing modes like meditation, music hours, movie time or just lazy reading. If you are a home maker, try out activities like gardening, knitting, reading, new recipe making, yoga classes or pregnancy tutorials. All these options will keep your mind fresh, merry and devoid of tensions.

Stay Confident

Trusting your instincts is a big thing and now when you are carrying your baby within yourself, you will have to actually believe that nothing is wrong. Of course, do not overlook any warning sign and consult the doctor with all your queries. Be in supportive environments and feel the right place to be safe and secure. This will automatically keep you happy once you understand that you are in no trouble.

Accept the Changes

Pregnancy itself means your life, body and mind will undergo numerous changes. Try and accept those or else the dissatisfaction of many things won’t let you live or enjoy the pregnancy. Your appetite will be gone, you will have weight gain, all your time will be for the baby in next few months, your body might not respond the way like it did before, life will be sleep deprived – Yes these are all truths of pregnancy and motherhood, but behind these you have that charm and satisfaction of being a mother, which all women crave and you are just lucky!

Join Maternal Groups and Associations

There are many groups that aim to beautify the special 10 months of pregnancy. Join such groups and learn how beautiful life gets when you are giving birth to your child. They conduct many constructive workshops, exercising programs, and group discussion sessions to discuss the similar problems. Be amidst positive people as much as possible.

Just believe that pregnancy is simple, and it has almost mathematical solution to all the problems you are facing, unless it is psychological! Stay away from anger, hostility, violent people, frustration, exhaustion, aggravation, nostalgia, jealousy, regret, etc. and try to stay happy and smiling in these special months!


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