What Is A Sympathetic Pregnancy? Do Dads-To-Be Get It?

Simply put, a sympathetic pregnancy is not really being pregnant but having many of the symptoms and discomforts that are associated with it, particularly when someone really close to you is actually and really pregnant.

And yes dads-to-be can also get sympathetic pregnancies or a condition called the Couvade Syndrome, one that isn’t as rare a condition as you may think!

sympathetic pregnancyHe can find that he feels queasy and nauseous the same way his pregnant mate does, he may be assailed by strange food cravings in the same way and may develop aversions as well.

He may feel back pain, cramps in the same way and may also find himself feeling more fatigued and have a spell or two of fainting!

And it may not just end there; he may find that he is actually ending up eating for two and even actually putting on weight!

The reason for this may be the fact that a man may be so keenly attuned to what his partner thinks or feels or experiences that they themselves develop this range of pregnancy symptoms themselves.

And it is not about getting some of the attention for themselves either. The sympathetic pregnancy may actually help a man become more empathetic and prepared for the upcoming job of parenting.


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