Why Have a Non Stress Test During Pregnancy

A lot of women have non stress test during pregnancy. The best thing about it is that it is a non-invasive test that is usually performed after the 28th week of pregnancy. The test got its name because the fetus isn’t stressed or disturbed in any way.

Non Stress Test During Pregnancy

Why take a non stress test when being pregnant?

The good news is that in this case the baby isn’t bothered except when the doctor has to wake him up. During the test there are two belts attached to the belly of the mother. One of them is meant to measure the heart rate of the baby and the other one has to measure the contractions. The belts stay in place for 30 minutes.

In case of the non stress test of pregnant women it is possible to notice that the baby doesn’t move. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Most probably the baby is only sleeping. If this happens, the nurse will make some noise to wake the baby for the rest of the test.

When is it performed?

Usually the doctors perform this test if the baby isn’t moving as much as he or she is supposed to, if the mother is overdue or if the doctor thinks that the placenta isn’t working as it is supposed to. If there are other risks of any kind, you could still have the test.

The results of the NST during pregnancy can show whether the baby has problems with getting enough oxygen caused by problems either with the umbilical cord or placenta. In the same time the results can also show problems of other kinds.

Risks and side effects

When it comes to the non stress test during pregnancy the good news is that since the test isn’t an invasive one, the doctors can get the answers that they were looking for without any risks to the mother or the baby. We can say that this is one of the simplest and safest tests during your pregnancy.

What is the purpose?

Women have NSTs when being pregnant for the doctors to measure the heart rate of the baby as a response to the movements that he or she has. Normally when the baby moves, the heart rate should increase and it is supposed to decrease during times of rest.

The non stress test during pregnancy is something that all women could have without any complications.


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