Yummy Dessert Recipes for Expecting Mothers

When you are expecting you generally have craving of different foods; usually it is seen that women have specific taste cravings like sour, salty and sweet. In fact, many assumptions are also made based on this taste preference whether the unborn baby is girl or boy.

Desserts are the most common craving a pregnant woman usually has. To keep your cravings satisfied and keep your health quotient perfect, you have to select healthy and tasty desserts. It is not too difficult to find the recipes of such desserts and they can easily be prepared with the home made and natural ingredients. Here are some healthy and delicious dessert recipes for the pregnant mothers to satisfy her craving for desserts –

yummy dessert recipes for expecting mothers

Pregnancy Friendly and Delicious Desert Recipes

These desserts are not only tasty; they are also healthy as they include some important nutrients good for the mother and the child. Here are the recipes that you may like

Greek Yogurt with Citrus and mint

Greek yogurt in itself is a tasty item. Add some citrus fruits like orange or grapes to it and top it up with just a hint of mint. The best part is that not only is this taste good, it also has very low calorie and vitamin c, which is good for the development of the brain and other nutritional items.

Dark Chocolate Frozen Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium and dark chocolate has  lot of anti oxidants. When these two come together, you can get yourself a healthy and tasty dessert quite easily. Drizzle the banana with some dark chocolate or roll them in the molten dark chocolate, and then add some nuts while it’s settling for some added crunch. Refrigerate for a while before you munch on it.


Another great recipe for a pregnant woman. To make Lapsi, heat a bit of ghee in the pan, alternatively you can use white oil, and fry the broken wheat. Heat half a cup of water, and add it to the fried wheat, and bring it to a boil. Add sugar, almonds and cardamom powder to it. Later add some milk and cook again for a while. Your lapsi is ready, which is a very good after meal dessert.

Coco Dusted Popcorn

Popcorn is low in calories, but is quite filling. Take some butter less fresh popcorns, and sprinkle come cocoa over it. You can also add some nuts, which will be a good source of protein. Your sweet and savory dessert is ready, and since it is a light food, you will not feel too heavy after having it.

Light Gajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Sweet Dish)

This is an amazing dish made of grated carrot. In this version of pregnancy special recipe, the khowa is absent, making it light in nature. Put some ghee and add the grated carrots to sauté. Then add some milk in it, you can used skimmed milk. Add sugar and keep stirring. Add cardamom and cream and stir well. Your gajar ka halwa is ready to be eaten.

These are some of the quick, healthy and delicious desserts which you can relish without too much of guilt during pregnancy.


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