Evaluate Abortion Facts

Before making a decision, it is important to know the abortion facts. This is one of the most difficult decisions that women ever have to make and since you have to decide regarding the life of a human, you must make sure that you make an educated decision.

When to seek abortion

The good news is that about 88% of all abortions are performed during the first trimester of pregnancy, meaning the first three months. 59% of these abortions take place during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, 19% during the 9th and 10th week and another 10% in the 11th and 12th week.

Abortion FactsThe facts about abortion include that 10% of the procedures are performed during the second trimester. 6% takes place between weeks 13 and 15 and the rest of 4% takes place until the end of the 20th week.

After the 24th week of pregnancy, abortion is performed only in case of severe health conditions.

If you are interested in abortion facts you should know that such late abortions take place in only 1% of the cases. The truth is that the abortions performed earlier are safer, easier and they are also less expensive than those that take place at a later stage of pregnancy.

Demographics and abortion information

In the United States, 52% of the abortions are performed in case of women who are 24 years old or younger. If we break this number down, 19% of the procedures are done on teenagers and the rest is performed on patients between the ages of 20 and 24.

It is interesting to know regarding the facts about abortion that 60% of the abortions is done in case of women who already have a child. Furthermore, about 66% of the procedures are obtained by women who were never married. Women off all races and social classes choose to have abortions.

According to the abortion facts, 78% of the women who have gone through the procedure claim that they have a religious affiliation. 88% of the abortion patients have residence in a metropolitan area and sadly 57% of the women seeking the procedure           are economically disadvantaged.

Although the birth control methods are said to be efficient, the abortion information includes the fact that 54% of the women who have gone through the procedure were using some kind of birth control method in the moment when they got pregnant.

In the majority of these cases, in 49%, the facts about abortion include that the method used has been the condom and there has been an accident when the condom broke or the method has been used incorrectly. In other cases women simply forgot to take the birth control pills.

The sad truth regarding abortion facts is that the majority of the women who had their first abortion didn’t use any kind of contraception method in the moment when they got pregnant even though they agreed with their partner that they didn’t wish to become pregnant.

Why do women have an abortion?

According to the abortion information, there are various reasons for women to give up on their baby. About 25% of the women say that their baby would affect their school, work or other responsibilities. Another 25% of the procedures are done because women cannot afford raising a child.

According to the facts about abortion the rest of 50% of the abortions take place because the mother says that she doesn’t want to become a single mom or they are having issues with their partner or husband. We have to admit that no matter what reason women may have, it’s their right to make this decision.


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