What Do You Know About Abortion Side Effects?

When thinking about abortion side effects, women should consider both the physical and emotional effects of the procedure.

Before agreeing to the procedure they should make sure that they give the matter good thought and that they also consider the side effects that they are likely to experience.

Post abortion secondary effects

You may know that there are two main kinds of abortions: surgical and medical abortions.

Naturally the physical side effects vary according to the procedure, but the emotional side effects stay the same. From an emotional point of view it doesn’t really matter what kind of procedure you have.

Abortion Side EffectsSurgical abortion

Just as the name suggests, you have a surgical procedure and only after do the side effects of abortion appear.

Just as in case of any other surgical procedure, the patients are likely to experience abdominal cramping, pain, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and they could also have a reaction to the anesthesia.

Although it happens rarely, the possible complications could increase the intensity of the abortion side effects.

Because of this, all the patients should be aware of the possibility of having complications before they agree to the procedure. One of the most common side effects is to experience some bleeding.

The abortion secondary effects could get more serious, like hemorrhaging or heavy bleeding if the uterus is punctured or the cervix is torn. The situation could get so severe that the patient may require blood transfusion or another surgery to correct the problem.

The side effects of abortion can be caused by the anesthesia. This could lead to heart attack, convulsions and in severe cases it could also lead to death. The chances of experiencing some complications increase by 2.5 times if the doctors use general anesthesia.

Don’t forget regarding the abortion side effects that during the procedure there are several different kinds of tools inserted into the vagina that could lead to an infection of the region, scarring of the organs or a more severe infection called sepsis. Such infections cause fever and in serious cases they lead to death.

When it comes to the abortion secondary effects, keep in mind that during the procedure the lining of the uterus could get permanently damaged. There is also the possibility for the procedure to damage the organs around the uterus, such as the bladder and bowel.

Medical abortion

The main point of the procedure is to terminate the pregnancy with the help of a pill. Although it sounds simple, there are some side effects of abortion that you should consider. These include bleeding or spotting, dizziness, headaches, chills, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and cramping.

Just as in the previous case, there are abortion secondary effects that could make women change their mind such as prolonged bleeding. It is normal to experience bleeding for 12 days, but it is also possible for women to experience this side effect for 30 days after the procedure.

In this case the abortion side effects also involve the possibility of being affected by an infection that can lead to illness or infertility and in severe cases could cause death. It is possible that some pregnancy tissue will be still left in the uterus although the woman had a completed abortion.

This case of side effects of abortion is known as incomplete abortion and this could lead to heavy bleeding or infection. The sad truth is that there is always the possibility of having severe side effects that can lead to death. Even if the complications that are caused are less serious, the procedure can damage the uterus, leading to scarring and permanent infertility.


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