Benadryl During Pregnancy

During pregnancy a lot of women look for medication to make the pregnancy symptoms better. This is why some of the women think about taking Benadryl during pregnancy.

The majority of the doctors believe that it is safe to take this medication during pregnancy. It is known to make morning sickness better, which affects the majority of women especially during the first trimester.

Taking the medication during pregnancy

According to one of the studies conducted in this field, the number of women taking the medication during pregnancy increased considerably during the last period of time.

According to the FDA Benadryl is a category B medication. This means that the tests performed with the help of animals showed no negative effects on the fetus.

However there were no tests conducted on humans. According to this information the medication can be used during pregnancy if the woman in question really needs it.

The good news about taking Benadryl while being pregnant is that it has been on the market for long periods of time so the doctors know all about its side effects. Still there are only few studies involving the medication.

Side effects

In 2009 some of the researchers reported some birth defects that can be associated with antihistamines, such as Benadryl and some newer medication.

Of the 24 side effects that were recognized the medication was associated with 8. The majority of these don’t involve the heart. We have to note that this research doesn’t offer conclusive answers to whether the drug is dangerous or not.

This is why it is possible for the future studies to show that there is no connection between the birth defects and the medication.

When you are thinking about being pregnant and taking Benadryl you should know that there are also some natural alternatives, such as ginger that doesn’t have side effects.


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