Breech Babies – Evaluating the Delivery Possibilities

If you would like to know more about breech babies you should know that the term refers to the babies who aren’t born in a head down position.

At the end of the 37th week of pregnancy, about 3-4% of all babies are in a breech position.

Breech Babies

Having a breech baby

You have higher chances of having a baby in this position if you had more babies before, or you have too much amniotic fluid. Your chances also increase if your uterus has anomalies or abnormal growths or you have placenta previa or the placenta is low lying.

Normally, except for the babies in a breech position, the babies start turning upside down between weeks 28 and 32. They go on turning even during labor. The good news is that there are some ways to make the baby turn into the right position.

Tilt positions

In order not to have breech babies you could use this common method. You just need an ironing board and a couch. Put your feet up and your head down. This may work because the baby’s head, the heaviest part of its body gets free and the baby will turn head down.

If you want to avoid having a baby in a breech position, you should use this trick 20 minutes per day until the baby gets into the right position. Although this is a common trick, before you use anything to turn the baby, you should discuss it with your doctor first.

Light and music

It is good to know that if you have music or orient a light source right at your pelvic region, you can encourage the baby to move towards it and so you won’t have to deal with breech babies situation. A lot of women say that they made their babies turn this way with success and there are no side effects.

Another thing that you could do regarding the breech fetus is to have your partner talk with his voice coming from the pubic region because again, the baby will move towards the source of the voice. You can do this as often as you like until the baby gets into the right position.


Some of the people say regarding the breech babies that if women spend some time in a pool, the baby will turn head down. There are no risks if you go into a pool. However, if you are thinking about diving, you should double check with your doctor before trying it.


According to official information, using acupuncture in case of the fetus in the breech position is a good way to make the baby turn. However it might be quite difficult to find someone who will agree to perform acupuncture on you because there are only a few specialists who handle pregnant women with problems of this kind.

There is a lot to know about breech babies. If your baby happens to be in a breech position you shouldn’t panic, but start looking for a way to change the position of the baby.


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