What Are the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Effects

If you are thinking about the fetal alcohol syndrome effects, you should know that in the majority of the cases these aren’t visible upon birth, but they become noticeable later in life.

The secondary effects of the syndrome include health problems, drug and alcohol abuse and problems with the law.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Effects

General information regarding the effects of the fetal alcohol syndrome

If a woman has alcohol during her pregnancy, the baby has high chances of being affected by fetal alcohol syndrome. If a baby has this syndrome he or she might have abnormal facial features, nervous system problems and growth deficiency.

Secondary results of the fetal alcohol syndrome

These effects refer to those that cannot be seen upon birth and that become noticeable later in life. These include mental health problems, problems with the law, disrupted school experience, drug and alcohol abuse, inappropriate sexual behavior, parenting problems, and problems with employment.

The fetal alcohol syndrome effects can be prevented or lessened if the parents have a better understanding of the syndrome and if the problems are treated. There are a lot of things that the specialists know about the syndrome that could make your life easier.

Mental health problems

According to the studies conducted in the field of fetal alcohol syndrome results, the babies who have this problem have higher chances of having a psychiatric illness, cognitive disorder or psychological disorders besides other problems.

The most common problems when it comes to fetal alcohol syndrome effects are attention problems such as ADHD, drug or alcohol dependence, conduct disorder and psychotic episodes. Some other psychiatric problems involve eating disorders, anxiety disorders and stress disorders.

Disrupted school experience

The children who experience the consequences of fetal alcohol syndrome are more likely to get expelled, suspended or to drop out of school. They have high chances of not getting along with other children, having bad relationships with the teachers and truancy. A lot of children remain in school, but they have negative experiences.

Problems with the law

When it comes to the fetal alcohol syndrome effects, the people with this kind of problems are more likely to have interactions with the police, judicial system or the authorities. This is because they have difficulties of controlling their frustration, anger and other problems.

The fetal alcohol syndrome consequences also include the fact that these people are easy to persuade. This way they can take part in illegal actions even without being aware of it. This is something that the parents have to be aware of and they have to protect their children from the dangerous individuals.

The fetal alcohol syndrome effects vary from one person to the other. Although there are some common effects, these could appear in different ways in case of different individuals. Keep an eye an out for these problems to recognize the syndrome as soon as possible if your child is affected so that you can offer him or her the treatment that is needed.


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