Marijuana Side Effects on Unborn Babies

In case you are thinking about the marijuana side effects on unborn babies  you should know that there is a great debate whether the plant is dangerous or not.

Some scientists have shown that it causes neurological damages to the baby, while others have proven that it has benefic effects.

Marijuana Side Effects on Unborn Babies

Information about the side effects of marijuana on unborn babies

The truth is that it is difficult to make studies in this field because the women who agree to take part in them usually smoke and drink too. The advocates of marijuana say that it is good for pregnancy and that it can also help with morning sickness.

Doctors say that if you were smoking marijuana before you got pregnant, the chances of the baby getting hurt are small, but you should stop when you find out that you are pregnant.

Other drugs

Specialists say that it is almost impossible to know whether the marijuana that people smoke is laced with other dangerous drugs or not. These involve cocaine, PCP and opiates. All of these cause serious damages to the baby including circulation and brain development and they can also result in miscarriage.

Birth weight

Another one of the marijuana side effects on unborn babies is that it increases the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels of the blood. These get to the baby through the placenta and they decrease the oxygen level of the baby. As a result the little one could be born with low birth weight.

On the other hand, a doctor found that the women in Jamaica who smoked marijuana regularly didn’t have babies with low birth weight. The women were using pot to treat anxiety, morning sickness, depression, and to increase their appetite.

Problem solving skills and attention

The marijuana side effects on unborn babies also include causing problems like the lack of ability to focus, solve problems and pay attention as the babies grow. According to one of the studies, marijuana can cause neurological side effects and neurological defects, including symptoms of withdrawal.

Nonetheless when thinking about the adverse effects of marijuana on unborn babies you should know that the specialists weren’t able to recreate these findings.

It is important to know about the marijuana side effects on unborn babies, especially if you are using it. It is up to you to decide whether it is worth the risk to keep on using it while you are pregnant.


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