Stillbirths and How to Prevent them

Still births can be devastating for a mother and a couple, who have invested so much emotionally, physically and financially. Thus people look of preventions of still birth. However, not all stillbirths happen with warning; hence at times you cannot really prevent them. But in certain cases, where women are at the risk of giving birth to dead children, like when they have diabetes or high blood pressure, some preventive measures could be taken. Most people are unaware of the reasons of still birth and how to prevent them. Here are some necessary information on the topic which you may find helpful.

stillbirths and how to prevent them

Reasons for Still Births and Preventive Measures

Still births affect women as well as couples in a very negative way. Sometimes otherwise healthy babies meet with this fate, due to some inexplicable reason. In some other cases you can point the causes of still births. Here are some of the most common causes

  • If the mother is suffering from high blood pressure, it is possible that she will give birth to a still born baby.
  • If the placenta is separated from the womb before the baby is born, chances of still birth increases to a large extent.
  • At times there are some problems with the umbilical cord that is the connecting link between the baby and the womb. If the cord is wrapped around the baby or is knotted, it can cause still birth
  • A diabetic mother increases the baby’s chance of not surviving the ordeal.
  • Sometimes there is a liver disorder known as intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, which can lead to stillbirth.
  • If there is some genetic problem with the baby, then still birth can happen.
  • If the mother starts bleeding before labor or during labor then also there can be the problem of still birth.

In some cases you can actually take some effective preventive measures so that there are no still births. These measures are as follows.

  1. For a healthy pregnancy it is imperative to consume a diet which is beneficial for the condition, along with exercises and a healthy living style on a whole.
  2. When pregnant it is preferable that you stay off from smoking or drinking. Also avoid any sorts of drugs during this time to have a healthy baby, as they tend to increase the chances of miscarriages and still births.
  3. It is important that you regularly check the baby’s movement several times a day. Also make sure you attend all your appointments for the baby’s and your health check up while you are pregnant.
  4. Follow the advices of your doctor and take only those medicines which he or she has prescribed. Also make sure you let your doctor know before you discontinue any medications that you have been taking.
  5. Try to avoid food poisoning. Also, you can install a carbon monoxide detector in order to save yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to considerably lower the chances of stillbirths.


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