Bladder Infection Symptoms in Pregnancy

If you are interested in the bladder infection symptoms in pregnancy you should know that there are a lot of pregnant women affected by the problem. It is caused by the fact that the uterus is putting pressure on the urethra and as a result it blocks the way of urine.

Bladder Infection Symptoms in Pregnancy

Frequent urination

The women who have a bladder infection have to go often to the restroom. Usually they pass only a bit of urine.

This is caused by two factors: the infection leads to a discomfort that feels just like when you have to go to the toilet and the uterus is pressing against the bladder, making its volume smaller.


In case you are looking for the common pregnancy bladder infection symptoms you should know that this is something that you might experience. The sensation usually appears when urinating, but you may also experience it during vaginal intercourse.

Pain in the abdomen

It may be somewhat scary to know that one of the bladder infection symptoms in pregnancy is pain in the abdomen. You don’t have to get alarmed because this doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the baby. Nonetheless you shouldn’t dismiss the problem either.

Cloudy urine

Normally urine is a transparent fluid. However as one of the signs of bladder infection when being pregnant it is possible for your urine to become cloudy. The change of the urine’s color may also be accompanied by a strange or foul odor.

When to see the doctor?

You should talk to your doctor if you start taking medication and the burning sensation persists for more than 24 hours. If the infection isn’t treated, it can lead to serious complications. The pain during urination can be accompanied by fever, vomiting, chills, back pain and bloody urine as well.


While some discharge may be normal during pregnancy, if it changes, it might be a bladder infection sign during pregnancy. Another possibility is that it is a sign of PID or pelvic inflammatory disease. No matter what the cause may be, see your doctor at once.

Women should never ignore the bladder infection symptoms in pregnancy because they could turn out to be more serious than they have thought. In rare cases it may become a life threatening condition so it needs to be assessed immediately.


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