Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy

It looks like there is no part of your body that isn’t affected by pregnancy. This is because you have to prepare for noticing bleeding gums during pregnancy as well among other symptoms.

It is considered to be normal to have tender gums.

Nonetheless if your gums are sore, bright red and they bleed easily, it is possible that you are affected by gingivitis. This is a harmless and mild gum disease. However if it isn’t treated it could turn into periodontitis.

This is why it is so important to take care of your oral health. Even more, if you had some problems before you got pregnant and you didn’t take care of them, the teeth may loosen and fall out.

Issues that may appear

In case you have a small nodule that bleeds easily, it could be a pyogenic granuloma. Although it is a benign growth, it could turn out to be quite annoying. In the majority of the cases it disappears on its own after childbirth, but if it doesn’t, it might need to be surgically removed.

Now you can see why it is so important to take good care of your teeth. Don’t skip brushing and flossing. Although you are supposed to be thorough, you shouldn’t become aggressive. If you are too aggressive the gums could become inflamed. Flossing could also injure the sensitive tissue.

Measures to take

In order to avoid pregnancy and bleeding gums you should see your dentist at least once during your pregnancy. In this case you have to make sure to tell your dentist that you are pregnant.

You aren’t supposed to have any X-rays and you should also postpone any work that needs anesthesia. It is also a good idea to avoid having sweets, especially chewy ones if you don’t have the possibility to brush your teeth.


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