Breast Pain During Pregnancy Symptoms

It is a known fact regarding pregnancy and it causes breast tenderness. This is why there are a lot of women who are interested in the breast pain during pregnancy symptoms. It is natural for the breasts to grow and also to become more sensitive. This is something that may be difficult for your partner to cope with.

Breast Pain During Pregnancy Symptoms

The causes

The discomfort is caused by the pregnancy hormones progesterone and estrogen. Naturally there are some other causes as well, such as the amount of fat that is building up in the breasts and the increased blood flow.

All this is part of the preparations of the body for feeding the baby once he or she is born.

The nipples

In case you are interested in the breast pain during pregnancy signs you should know that it is common for the nipples to be tingly and achy, not to mention that they will be more protruding than usual. Although this may not sound that bad, the nipples may turn out to be tenderer than you could ever imagine.

The areolas

When it comes to the breast pain during pregnancy symptoms, you can expect the areolas to become darker or even spotted and larger. During pregnancy women usually notice the little goose bumps on the areola, which are sweat glands meant to lubricate the area.

The breasts

It is interesting to notice as one of the signs of breast pain during pregnancy that blue veins appear on the breasts. These carry the nutrients from the mother to the fetus. The breasts will continue growing during the entire period of pregnancy. The good news is that they will return to their original shape and size after childbirth.

What to do?

One of the most important things that you have to do is to talk to your partner about what’s happening with you. He should remember to be cautious when hugging you. Let him know that he can touch but you should tell him how to, so that it won’t be painful for you.

In order to make the breast pain during pregnancy symptoms you should make sure that you have a really supportive bra. This way the pain will be better and you won’t have saggy breasts later. When sleeping, you could wear a sports bra to avoid any possible discomfort.


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