Diabetes But Not Obesity May Be Responsible For Birth Defects

A recently conducted study has indicated that maternal diabetes could be a culprit that is associated with increased risk of developing birth defects.

However, the study found that there was no significant link between a mother’s obesity and the incidence of birth defects.

However, the link between obesity and diabetes itself is well established. They are both known to be factors that can cause the other. That is to say obesity is a strong risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes and the other way around as well.diabetes during pregnancy

So it would actually seem that this study has made a distinction that is purely academic and in terms of what it means to women and what they need to do, this distinction is perhaps immaterial.

Women need to keep weight in check and prevent obesity for a number of reasons, not least because it can lead to type 2 diabetes which can in turn lead to birth defects. So it always makes sense to eat wisely, exercise regularly and keep weight in check, so the purport of the study does not make a lot of difference in the health principles that women need to follow.

Source: examiner


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