Dreams During Pregnancy

A lot of pregnant women observe that they can remember their dreams during pregnancy and that these are more detailed and more vivid than their dreams before.

You should know that every person dreams at night, but in the majority of the cases we can’t remember these dreams. When being pregnant there are different factors that make it possible for women to remember their dreams.

Hormones and sleep

One of these changes includes the physical changes that they have to go through. These consist of the pregnancy hormones. They, especially progesterone, prolong the period of time spent in REM.

This is the sleeping cycle when people start dreaming. Another factor regarding dreams while being pregnant is that women have to wake up frequently and upon arousal people remember their dreams better. There are a lot of discomforts that don’t let women sleep at night, so for sure they will recall more dreams.

Pregnancy emotions and dreams

Naturally you also have to consider the emotional factors. Your dreams are more detailed and more vivid because your subconscious has to work more to deal with all the emotional changes that you are going through.

Most probably you are taking prenatal vitamins. If you weren’t taking vitamins before you got pregnant, the extra vitamin B may have a role to play in your dreams. This is because this is the vitamin that makes the brain dream.

During their pregnancy, women take good care of their health and they don’t consume any alcohol, drugs or tobacco products. These stop the absorption of the vitamins that make dreaming possible.

The pregnancy dreams can be really pleasant or scary. Since women are filled with anxiety because of the changes in their lives, most probably your dreams are scary. The most common themes of these dreams include falling, entrapment, running, and the look of the baby.


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