Early Pregnancy Discharge and the Issues That May Appear

The wait to know whether pregnant or not is very difficult for women. If this case you should know that if you notice early pregnancy discharge that is thick you should know that this is an entirely normal symptom. On the other hand, if it has a foul smell, you should see a doctor.

Early Pregnancy Discharge

Is vaginal discharge a symptom of early pregnancy?

As it has been mentioned before, it is normal to see some discharge during early pregnancy, but you have to make sure that there aren’t some other symptoms as well that could indicate some kind of problem. Vaginal fluid refers to the thick discharge coming from the opening of the vagina.

In the majority of the cases the discharge during early pregnancy is present in larger amounts. This is important to remember because a small amount could indicate a simple auto-cleaning process that the vagina has. If there is a slight increase of the amount of fluid, it is possible that you are affected by some kind of inflammation.

The vaginal discharge of early pregnancy is produced by the walls of the vagina by the glands that can be found here. As it has been mentioned before, the discharge could be a sign of pregnancy, but it is a nonspecific symptom which means that there are a number of causes that could lead to its presence.

What kind of discharge?

The vaginal discharge of pregnant women could come in different colors including yellow, gray and green and it may have a pretty unpleasant smell. The characteristics of the fluid depend on its origins in case it is not connected to pregnancy.

If it’s not pregnant women’s vaginal discharge that we are talking about, then you should know that the symptom could be caused by bacterial vaginosis. In this case the fluid should have a bubbly form and it may have a foul smell. It is also possible for the discharge to be foamy and yellowish with a foul smell.

In this case it’s not vaginal discharge of pregnancy, but the discharge is caused by trichomoniasis. If you happen to have gonorrhea you should experience a burning feeling during urination and the vagina may feel swollen. Similar symptoms could be experienced in case of chlamydia as well.

Don’t think that all kinds of discharges are early pregnancy vaginal discharge. There is a number of serious conditions that you should get checked out for. If the tests show that you don’t have any problems or STDs, it is possible that you are pregnant, and that is the cause of the discharge.

What if it is vaginal discharge due to early pregnancy?

If this is the case, there is nothing you should be worried about. This is a normal symptom and you should consider it an indication that there is everything alright inside; it means that your body is preparing to nourish the baby.

Now you know more about vaginal discharge in early pregnancy.


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