Early Signs of Conception Cramps

Conception cramps are muscle contractions which are very painful in nature and occur in the case when the embryo of a pregnant woman is attaching itself to the uterine wall. This is a perfectly natural condition which might cause a certain degree of discomfort and a little bit of light spotting as well. Some pregnant women do not experience conception cramps but most of them do and they usually occur 6-12 days after ovulation and fertilization. There are many symptoms or early signs of conception cramps and the following are a few of the major and common ones:

early signs of conception cramps

  • Conception cramps are often confused to be menstrual cramps and thus most women tend to ignore them when they happen about one week after fertilization. Since every woman is different, hence the extent of the conception cramps may be different in every one.
  • The cramping may be accompanied with a little spotting and this is one of the most common symptoms of conception cramps.
  • Conception cramps are also called implantation bleeding and it occurs when the egg is fertilized.
  • Besides bleeding, one may also experience a white milky discharge from the vagina. This happens due to the thickening of the walls of the vagina which happens after conception. The discharge is caused due to the growth of the cells lining the vagina in a woman’s body.
  • This white discharge is often also related to a bad smell which can also be considered as one of the early symptoms of conception cramps.
  • Some other early symptoms of conception cramps may include itching and a burning sensation near the vaginal area.
  • Some other signs or symptoms of conception cramps may include certain types of breast changes. These happen due to the fact that a woman’s hormonal levels change pretty rapidly after the conception time. Due to these hormonal changes, the breasts may either become very sore or look swollen. Breasts also become a little tingly a week or couple of weeks later on. They may feel heavier or fuller than before. The occurrence of one or more of these symptoms may indicate pregnancy. Infact another breast related sign of conception is that the area around the nipples called the areola becomes darker than before.

If you experience a few or all of these signs, changes and symptoms, then you might want to get yourself checked for pregnancy.


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