Knowing the Truth About Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment

In case you are thinking about ectopic pregnancy treatment you should know that doctors treat the condition as soon as they recognize it to avoid rupture and blood loss. The treatment method depends on the stage that the pregnancy is in and your overall health status.

Information about the treatment for ectopic pregnancy

In case the ectopic pregnancy is recognized at an early stage, you may have the possibility to choose between surgery and the termination of the pregnancy through medication.

Ectopic Pregnancy TreatmentMedication

In case you choose this kind of treatment for ectopic pregnancy, you can avoid surgery and anesthesia. Usually the medication used is methotrexate and it could have some side effects. To make sure that you won’t be affected by them, you will need several blood tests.

This kind of ectopic pregnancy treatment is most likely to work in case your pregnancy hormone levels are low or in case there is no heart activity of the embryo. If women have the possibility to choose, their majority opts for this kind of treatment, thinking that it is safer.


In case you are looking for treatment for ectopic pregnancy while you have severe symptoms, the only option you have is surgery. This is caused by the fact that the medication might not work and the rupture could become more serious as the time goes by. Doctors usually choose laparoscopic surgery.

During this one of the ectopic pregnancy treatment the surgeon makes a small incision and the surgery is done with the help of a laparoscope. Nonetheless in case of a ruptured pregnancy that is ectopic the patient needs to be operated as soon as possible.


It is possible that you won’t have to be thinking about treatment for ectopic pregnancy in case you seem to have a natural miscarriage. After this your doctor will ask you to have blood tests to make sure that the levels of the pregnancy hormones are decreasing. The process is known as expectant management.

Although usually the ectopic pregnancy treatment is efficient, there are some cases when the pregnancy does not respond to them. If you take the medication and nothing happens, you will have to go through surgery. After surgery you may still have to take a medication.

Medication and surgery

As it has been mentioned regarding the treatment for ectopic pregnancy, in case of the early pregnancies the first choice is the medication. After this is injected, you will be monitored for weeks to make sure that the medication was effective and that there are no side effects that could put your life in danger.

In case you are faced with a tubal ectopic pregnancy, then the preferred ectopic pregnancy treatment is making only a slit on the tube. It is rare for the doctor to decide to remove a part of the fallopian tubes. Still this could also happen if the surgeon thinks that there is no other way.

If during the treatment for ectopic pregnancy there is only a slit made, the effects are similar to the effects of the medication, meaning that the patient will be able to become pregnant again and it is very effective.

It is true regarding the treatment options that the surgery is faster, but you also have to take into consideration that it could result in scar tissue that could affect any future pregnancies. The fallopian tube could get damaged depending on the stage of pregnancy and the location of the embryo.

Keep in mind regarding ectopic pregnancy treatment that, while sometimes you have the possibility to choose, in other cases it’s not up to you.


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