Symptoms Of Tubal Pregnancy Or Ectopic Pregnancy

One of the most serious and life threatening conditions in a pregnancy is the Ectopic Pregnancy, which is the implantation and consequent development of the zygote or fertilized ovum in the area of the reproductive system other than the uterus.

Most often, this erroneous development starts in the fallopian tube, (though less often it can occur in the cervix, ovaries and the abdomen as well) and this is the reason that ectopic pregnancy is also called tubal pregnancy.

Since this is a serious complication that could end in the mother’s death, it is important to be aware of the symptoms of tubal pregnancy:

Early symptoms of tubal pregnancy: The early symptoms of a tubal pregnancy are much the same as a normal pregnancy, with the woman experiencing the stoppage of her menstrual period, some morning sickness, breast tenderness, feelings of lassitude etc.

Later symptoms of tubal pregnancy: Women experience pain in the lower abdomen and vaginal bleeding.

There may be inflammation, and other pain and discomfort. There could be lower back or pelvic pain experienced and even sometimes pain in the shoulder area. There could be feelings of tenderness and cramping in the pelvic region.

It is important for the symptoms of tubal pregnancy not to be confused with other symptoms which they can often be confused with, although pain and bleeding are the main symptoms.

The symptoms are often the same as those of gastrointestinal disorders, appendicitis, urinary track problems, other gynecological disorders and even pelvic inflammatory disease.

Medical symptoms of Tubal Pregnancy: An abnormal rise in the HCG levels in the pregnant woman may indicate a tubal pregnancy, so this could be a medical indication that the physician should be watching out for.

An ultrasound is best able to detect a tubal pregnancy, wherein the gestational sac is seen to subsist and the heartbeat is detected in the fallopian tube rather than the uterus. Sometimes a laparoscopy or a laparotomy or less commonly culdocentesis could be required to confirm an ectopic pregnancy.

In any case symptoms of a tubal pregnancy are important to watch out for, since this is a life threatening condition if not resolved quickly.


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