Learn All About What Is an Ectopic Pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, there are a lot of women wondering about what is an ectopic pregnancy. The term means that the fetus is in the wrong place and it usually refers to the fact that the fetus isn’t located in the womb. The chances of being faced with this kind of pregnancy are of about 1%.

Information about ectopic pregnancy

In the majority of the cases the fertilized egg gets implanted in the fallopian tubes and this is why the pregnancy is also called tubular pregnancy. Since the pregnancy progresses, the fetus causes bleeding and pain, and if it isn’t found in time, the tubes could break, leading to internal bleeding.

What is an Ectopic PregnancyAn ectopic pregnancy is considered to be an emergency. It is important to know that the pregnancy can never be saved because it can’t be transferred to the uterus and so it needs to be completely cleared.

When do you get such a pregnancy?

Usually such a pregnancy is found in the 4th-10th week. The symptoms can be seen 2 weeks after the missed period.

Why does such a pregnancy happen?

When you are thinking about what is an ectopic pregnancy you may be interested in why it happens. Normally it takes the fertilized egg about 5 days to travel through the tubes to reach the womb and to get implanted.

The most frequent cause of the pregnancy is a damaged fallopian tube and so it becomes narrower or blocked and so the egg cannot reach the womb. This is how the ectopic pregnancy appears, the egg getting implanted in the wall of the fallopian tube.

Symptoms of the problem

The truth is that when we are thinking about what is an ectopic pregnancy we also have to consider that the symptoms are quite difficult to observe. Usually at the beginning it feels like the start of your period or like a miscarriage, involving bleeding and cramping.

There are numerous different symptoms that make the recognition easier. One of the signs of ectopic pregnancy is abnormal vaginal bleeding. Usually this is different from your period: it could be lighter or heavier and it could also be watery or dark.

Another sign is pain in one side that is persistent and severe. In case you have such pain and it is possible for you to be pregnant, you would better see a doctor at once.

If you are asking what is an ectopic pregnancy you should know that if the problem isn’t found on time and it damages the tube then you could experience severe pain that spreads through the abdomen, fainting, sweating, diarrhea, feeling lightheaded or having blood in the stool.

An ectopic pregnancy could also cause shock or collapse because of an internal bleeding and different kinds of pain because the bleeding is affecting the internal organs.

As you can see, in case you are asking what is an ectopic pregnancy there is a lot to say about the matter and you should take measures to recognize problems of this kind.


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