Top Embarrassing Problems During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is sure a great phase in a woman’s life and is a time of life when a female feels happy, gorgeous, radiant and beautiful. But pregnancy is not just about glowing skin and blooming body, it also has its share of problems and issues which need to be dealt with. Some of these issues are also a little embarrassing for pregnant females. Your belly grows, you feel sick most of the times and there are many other awkward physical changes that you experience. The following is a list of the top embarrassing problems during pregnancy:

embarrassing problems during pregnancyExcess Gas

Due to hormonal changes, the gastrointestinal tract of a woman becomes a little slow and this can lead to formation of excess gas. This causes wind and bloating and these can be embarrassing especially when you are out in public. There is not much a pregnant lady can do about it and it has to be dealt with somehow.


Incontinence is also a common yet very embarrassing problem which every pregnant female has to go through. Involuntary leaking because of cough, sneeze or laugh is common and to combat it, one can engage in pelvic floor exercises.

Hair in the Wrong Places

Another common embarrassing problem that happens during pregnancy is the growth of hair in the wrong places. This can be due to the hormonal changes and can lead to hair growth on even the tummy and the face!

Odors and Discharge

Pregnancy is also related to various kinds of body odors and discharge. These issues can also get very embarrassing for any female. Many women tend to opt for perfumed soaps and perfumes but this is not recommended. A panty liner can help combat the discharge smell. You must talk to the doctor about the vaginal smells.


Yes, piles too are a condition which one might experience during pregnancy and surely can be pretty embarrassing. This happens as a result of constipation and is usual during those nine months.   If you have constipation and notice pain while going to the toilet, then you must speak to your doctor or midwife about it as they will recommend you solutions to avoid constipation.

Spots and Pimples

With the hormonal imbalance and the various hormonal changes, spots and pimples are commonplace during pregnancy. These especially take place during the first trimester and may go away as the pregnancy progresses. Only few are lucky enough to have beautiful and glowing skin and the rest may experience the outbreak of pimples.

Intimacy Issues

When you put on weight, you may be embarrassed to get intimate with your partner and this can lead to intimacy issues during the time of pregnancy, especially in the later months. While some women may feel uncomfortable, others might just be embarrassed due to their growing weight and belly. In either of the cases, intimacy issues can be embarrassing as it also leads to lack of communication with your partner.


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