Emotions During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman goes through a roller-coaster ride of emotions during her pregnancy. The emotions are controlled by mood swings that result due to the rapidly changing hormonal balances in the body.

Her emotions can range from being happy and ecstatic to feeling insecure and depressed. It is important to understand her mood swings and give her adequate emotional support so that she does not feel alone in her emotional battle.

Understanding the emotional change

The first trimester brings a whole lot of feelings. There is a feeling of uncertainty and surprise even when the pregnancy is planned. The expectant mother may feel inadequate or unprepared for the impending motherhood.

The initial euphoria can easily give way to anxiety. It is commonly seen that she smiles and cries for no reason. She may easily break into tears and then not be able to say why she broke down.

At times like this her husband or partner may not be able to understand these mood changes, and pull away. This can easily lead to insecurity and a feeling of loneliness.

It is important that the woman’s partner understand that the woman is in a high state of emotions during her pregnancy and needs constant support and a whole lot of love to get through it.

Pregnancy evolution and emotions

The second trimester is less of emotional turmoil and more of settling down to being pregnant. There may be occasional emotional moments but otherwise the mid-pregnancy weeks are relatively calm both physically and emotionally.

The third trimester brings with it an avalanche of emotions. The increased weight and protruding tummy, make a woman feel ugly and even unwanted. She needs to be reassured that she is beautiful, especially by her partner.

She is anxious about her little one’s health and may be worried about the labor pains and the actual delivery. She needs to be relaxed and stress free to be able to enjoy the first weeks of her new motherhood.



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