Handling the Combination Between Endometriosis and Pregnancy

If you are affected by endometriosis for sure you are interested in the matter of endometriosis and pregnancy. You should know that in this case it is more difficult for women to conceive. At this moment it isn’t known whether endometriosis prevents pregnancy or if there is something else.

Infertility, pregnancy and endometriosis

As it has been mentioned, it is possible to get pregnant even if you are affected by endometriosis. There is some evidence that the women with mild or minimal endometriosis find it more difficult to get pregnant. The researchers studied this problem in case of baboons that are our close relatives.

Endometriosis and PregnancyThere is some evidence regarding pregnancy endometriosis according to which if the condition is severe, women have less chances of getting pregnant. Nonetheless it is possible to get pregnant in this case as well if women turn to artificial insemination to make sure that the sperm meets the egg.

Endometriosis and fertility problems

It is possible that there is no link between endometriosis and infertility. Some say that the problem may be with the underlying inflammations. In part the inflammation is caused by cytokines that are released because the actions of the immune system.

In the same time when it comes to endometriosis and pregnancy there is also a theory according to which the cytokines affect not only fertility, but they also have an effect on the outcome of the pregnancy. The health of the eggs can also be affected by the cytokines.

If the substance is present, regarding endometriosis and pregnancy, the quality of the eggs gets lower and so it is more difficult for the sperms to fertilize the egg. This theory is also backed up by the evidence from the baboon studies. The fertility of the animals increased when they received anti-inflammatory medication.

ART and endometriosis

The truth regarding endometriosis during pregnancy is that you have the option to use ART to get pregnant. Nonetheless you should know that the success rate of ART such as IVF is 50% lower than in case of the women who aren’t affected by the condition. The doctors don’t know yet what the connection is.

One of the good options that women have to think about regarding endometriosis and pregnancy is ICSI. This is a procedure during which there is only one sperm injected into your egg. Then the embryo is implanted into the uterus. In this case the success rate is a lot higher.

What to do?

If you have endometriosis while being pregnant the best thing you can do for a successful pregnancy is to start early. It is a known fact that it is easier for women to get pregnant during their twenties than later. This is why women should be thinking about having a family sooner than usual.

As you can see, there is hope regarding endometriosis and pregnancy. The evidence suggests that the affected women could have a normal life if they start thinking about having a family at early stages.


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