Enema During Pregnancy

In the past women didn’t really have a choice regarding having an enema during pregnancy. The nurse simply came into the delivery room and said that you have an enema in your chart.

The reason for this practice was to make sure that there are no waste products in your rectum. This could hinder the descent of the baby and it could contaminate the birthing field that was previously sterilized.

These days, having an enema while being pregnant is the decision of pregnant women.

What you should know

Specialists say that if the mother had bowel movements during the past day the tightness or the compression of the birthing canal won’t cause any problems. In the same time the majority of the tools used during childbirth are disposable.

This means that if the tools do get contaminated before birth, it can be quickly disposed of. An enema means fluid injected into the rectum. This has the purpose of cleaning the bowels.

There are several choices when it comes to an Enema. You could have no enema or you could do it on your own or have a nurse do it. It is also good to know that the enemas can start the contractions.

Your body knows best

In some cases the doctors prefer you to have an enema to start the contractions or to speed up the process. This is a discussion that you should have with your health care provider during the prenatal visits. Whatever you decide should be noted on your chart and also in the birth plan if you have one.

In many cases women have loose stool or several bowel movements prior to childbirth. This is the body’s way to prepare for labor. This means that most probably your own body will decide whether you need pregnancy enema when the day comes.


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