Evening Primrose Oil During Pregnancy

The positive effects of evening primrose oil both before and during a pregnancy make it a popular choice among midwives and other natural medicine practitioners.

It is well known for its pregnancy aiding properties. The oil has high concentration of vitamin E and gamma linolenic acid.

The natives of North America use evening primrose oil extensively in tribal medicine and over the centuries it also became popular among Europeans.

EPO is effectively used to treat menstrual cramps, tender breast and increases female fertility, thus aiding conception.

Natural health experts recommend the use of Evening primrose oil during pregnancy to aid in childbirth making it more comfortable both for the mother and for the child.

Evening primrose oil, a traditional herbal medicine has recently found popularity among modern women who prefer delivering natural way. Since modern studies have shown the benefits of the primrose oil, the holistic birth centers encourage its use among future mothers.

A bit of history

The evening primrose is not a variety of the English primrose and is primarily a plant native to North America. The natives have used this medicinal plant for centuries. Its effective use in dealing with female disorders has made it popular with the colonists too.

This is why midwives have used it for generations to help prepare for childbirth. Evening Primrose oil is recommended during the later stages of a pregnancy, preferably after the 34th week. The medicinal oil helps to soothe and relax the cervix preparing it for childbirth.

How is it used?

Evening primrose oil is administered orally from the 34th week so that it may be completely absorbed by the body. Evening primrose oil capsules used from the 36th week are inserted directly into the vagina.

A gentle massage on the skin with the oil helps ease discomfort. The oil may also be massaged directly on to the cervix to aid childbirth.


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