Exercises for Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnant women often experience many kinds of changes and body adjustments. They go through many kinds of aches and pains in many parts of the body. Pelvic pains are one of the most common types of pains which a pregnant woman experiences. There are many ways to treat this condition or pelvic pain in women and this may include taking medications and performing physical exercises which may help in easing out the discomfort and the pain. The following are the exercises for pelvic pain during pregnancy:

Exercises for Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

  • If you are suffering from PPGP, or pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain, then it is often recommended for you to perform manual therapy to ensure the fact that the joints of the hip and the pelvis area start to move normally.
  • Another way to ease the pain in the pelvic area during the time of pregnancy is to do those exercises which strengthen the pelvic floor, the stomach and the muscles of the back and hip.
  • It is often recommended for pregnant women suffering from pelvic pain to do exercises in water as it reduces the effects of gravity and allows for more relaxation.
  • Another exercise method to relieve the pelvic pain during pregnancy is gently stretching the ligaments of the groin area and flex the knees towards the belly region. This can be done by putting a pillow under the belly and using another pillow by putting it in between the legs.
  • One can also combine the pelvic tilts with kegel exercises and do these exercises on all the fours.

These exercises will surely prove to be useful for reducing the pelvic pain which is experienced by women during pregnancy.


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