Facts about Visionary Problems during Pregnancy

Your body undergoes various changes during the different trimesters of your pregnancy. Morning sickness, nauseatic and back pain are few common complaints during pregnancy. Due to the hormonal changes as well as physical changes, you experience these symptoms. Along with these symptoms of pregnancy, you may also be surprised to find that your vision becomes blurry and is not very sharp as before.

There is nothing to worry as this condition is temporary and becomes normal once you deliver your child. The body heals all these pregnancy problems on its own. There may be various kinds of vision problems during your pregnancy. Few of them are:

facts about visionary problems during pregnancy

Blurry Vision due to Fluid Retention

Fluid retention in the whole body is very common during pregnancy and eyes are no exception. This fluid is sometime responsible for the change of shape and thickness of the cornea. This distortion leads to blurry vision during the pregnancy period and goes away after your delivery or once you stop breast feeding.

Dry Eyes

It is a condition when your eyes are not lubricated properly. If there is an imbalance in the tear system, you can have dry eyes. You can feel dryness in the eyes during pregnancy. It may result in irritation and wearing contact lenses may pose a real problem.


This is a serious problem during pregnancy as it is associated with high blood pressure as well as damage to other organs. It may lead to light sensitivity, temporary loss of vision, appearance of flashing lights, double vision and blurry eyes. It may also lead to bleeding problems and many more complications.

Gestational Diabetes

This is temporary diabetes that can develop during pregnancy. You may suffer from high blood sugar level which in turn may damage the blood vessels that supply blood to the retina of your eyes. It thus causes blurred vision.

Over Stress

Forceful vomiting or coughing may lead to the burst of the blood vessels leading to complications. There may be blood hemorrhage if you have severe vomiting tendencies.

Things to Do

Eyesight during pregnancy can be affected due to metabolism, changes in hormones, blood sugar, blood circulation and much more. To deal with the problem of blurry vision you need to consult your doctor immediately to avoid further complications. A few things you need to follow are:

  • Give Rest to Your Eyes: Try to avoid any kind of stress during your pregnancy. If you are using a computer for a long time, take breaks in between. It is also advisable to avoid contact lenses and get back to your glasses during this stage.
  • Lubricate Your Eyes: If there is dryness in the eyes, ask for lubricating drops, but always use it with the recommendation of your doctor.
  • Take Care of Diet: Over straining your bowel movements due to constipation may lead to the rupture of blood vessels. So you should be careful with your food intake. Also avoid cold things as it may lead to coughing and sneezing which may also lead to the vessel rupture.

The blurriness of the eyes is a temporary condition during pregnancy and gets cured naturally, but it is always better to consult your doctor whenever you feel any kind of uneasiness to avoid complications.


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