Things to Know About Fibroids During Pregnancy

With regards to fibroids during pregnancy you should know that these are tumors of the muscles of the uterus which can affect a pregnant woman. Their size could vary so they could be microscopic, but they could also be of the size of a grapefruit or even a volleyball.

Fibroids During Pregnancy

Information about pregnancy fibroids

Due to modern technology, even if you have fibroids you have the possibility to give birth to an entirely healthy baby. In the same time these fibroids rarely cause difficulties with conception.

However if a woman has fibroids and she gets pregnant, the fibroids could start a rapid growth.

The bad news regarding fibroids when being pregnant is that they could cause severe pain and in some cases women may require hospitalization because of them. In some cases women find out that they are pregnant right before they go into surgery to remove the fibroids.

The experience

When it comes to situations of this kind women may have a bittersweet sensation because they are happy for the baby, but in the same time they are also worried. Usually women are asking whether the baby will make it if they have the condition.

Fibroids of pregnant women

During pregnancy doctors don’t treat fibroids because usually women want to maintain their fertility. After pregnancy the fibroids can be removed with the help of a myomectomy.

The good news about pregnant women’s fibroids is that the new treatments promise good results. However treatment is only offered to women who don’t want to have any more children. This is because at this point the effects of the treatment on the uterus are not known.

The treatment

It is possible that the treatment for fibroids of expectant women will have a negative effect to the strength of the uterus and also on the ability of women to carry a pregnancy to term. The women who had experiences with fibroids and pregnancy say that the fibroids made them look twice as far along.

How do they grow?

As it has been mentioned before regarding the expectant mother’s fibroids, these tend to grow faster during pregnancy because of the elevated levels of estrogen. In this case the doctors don’t measure the size of the patient’s belly because it can get larger due to the fibroids.

As you can see uterine fibroids and pregnancy isn’t as scary as it may sound at first. All you have to do is to stay positive about the outcome.


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