Finding Out Whether It Is Twins Or Not When You Are Pregnant

You may have always dreamed about having twins.

Now you are pregnant, and you are hoping that this is the case.

If you have been pregnant before then you know what to expect about body changes.

The symptoms that you have been feeling while you are pregnant seem unusual to you.

Some women are able to tell if they are having twins just by the symptoms that their bodies are giving. These symptoms will be different depending upon your family history and how your body is made up.twin pregnancy

Weight Gain

When you are pregnant with twins the amount of weight that you gain will be more than that you would normally gain with a singleton pregnancy. You may feel hungry all the time when you are having twins. Your body and your babies will let you know when it needs more food.

Heart Beats

Your physician may be able to hear your babies’ heart beats as early as ten weeks[10 weeks pregnant]. It will depend upon how your baby is positioned and whether your physician will be able to hear your babies’ heartbeat or not.

Different heart rates of your babies hearts is the only way that your physician will be able to tell if you are having twins. [Multiple Babies]


If you think you are having twins then your doctor will be able to administer an ultrasound that will show whether you are having twins or not. It is a simple procedure and it can determine what date you became pregnant so your due date will be sure to be an accurate one.

An ultrasound can also help to monitor the growth of your twins. Twins are sometimes born early and are usually not in position for you to have them naturally so the pregnancy ultrasound will help to see the position of your twin babies.

Morning Sickness and Fatigue

You may have thought that having twins would be a lot of fun and you are right but before the fun comes the morning sickness and fatigue. With twins your morning sickness could be more severe.

Also you could be feeling overly tired during your pregnancy. You may feel fatigued and it may be hard for you to do the things that you are used to doing. These could be early signs that you may be having twins.

Hormones Working Overtime

When you are pregnant with twins your emotions seem to be intensified. You may feel more moody than usual. Your hormones may be really out of control. At times you will be happy and then turn around just a short time later and begin to cry.

You may seem irrational in the things that you do to your family and friends. Do not worry though because all these emotions are common in a woman who is having twins.

It should not be hard for you to determine if you are having twins if you just listen to the signs that your body is giving you.


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