Folic Acid During Pregnancy May Be Dangerous To Child

There are many misconceptions regarding pregnancy and some require a bit of examination to determine if there is any truth in what a lot of them suggest.

Folic acid has been recommended for many years for the benefit of the growing baby in the womb.

However data from a recent study would seem to suggest that it might in fact create a bigger risk from cancer.

Taken in large doses it could mean that any child goes on to develop tumors in later life.

Diet is important not only in women but also the male population. The latter that consume less vegetables and fruits but have a preference for dairy and meat have a lower sperm count.folic acid

This would indicate that both partners should change their life style once they have decided to try for a baby.

Women that are very overweight when pregnant will definitely be affected. Not only will they be more prone to most conditions like high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia but also routine scans will be more difficult to perform.

Accurate pregnancy ultrasound, which is one of the main methods of monitoring the progress of any pregnancy, is difficult.

In India it was found that expectant mother of a short stature were more likely to lose their babies before the age of five than those taller than five feet. This statistic was surprisingly high and the reason must be more than just health but possibly the size of the womb etc.

There are so many versions of what is good for mother and baby, some handed through generations, that it is not surprising that scientists prefer to go on facts rather than what is usually just fiction.


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