Gatorade During Pregnancy

Many women have Gatorade during pregnancy. This is also known as vitamin water and it is said to be safe during pregnancy.

However there are some women who had to give up having this kind of water because they couldn’t really keep anything down. If this is your case, it is best to have plain water.

Gatorade During Pregnancy

On the other hand there are also some women who have to throw up because of water, so they opt for Gatorade instead. If you are trying to avoid getting dehydrated during pregnancy, having Gatorade could be a good way to take care of the problem.


There are a lot of doctors that suggest to their patients to have Gatorade while being pregnant. Naturally we also have to add that this should be consumed in moderation.

The doctors who say that it isn’t safe to have vitamin water claim that this water with vitamins has too much vitamin A in it that isn’t good for the development and growth of the baby’s brain.

Instead they suggest women to have Gatorade that seems to have the right balance of vitamins. For sure you know that this product comes in all colors and tastes. During pregnancy it is best to opt for the clear one.

This is because this one has less artificial colorants and it has the exact same vitamins as the other ones.

Be careful about the content

If you are having Gatorade when being pregnant, you know that it contains a certain amount of sugar. To have less sugar you could dilute it with water.

As a result we can say that the product itself is safe. Now, it depends on you whether you can drink it or not. As it has been mentioned before, some women get nauseous if they have it.


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