Glucose Tolerance Test During Pregnancy

The glucose tolerance test during pregnancy is also known as oral glucose tolerance test. The main point of the test is to see the way the body handles the sugar levels.

This is important because glucose or sugar can be found in numerous different kinds of foods. The test is mainly used to find diabetes in case of pregnant women. It is usually offered to those women who have higher risks of developing the condition.

Why would you need the test?

As a result of the glucose tolerance test when being pregnant you will know whether you have gestational diabetes or not. This condition is caused by the fact that the pancreas can’t produce enough insulin to maintain the blood sugar level normal.

Insulin is the substance that regulates the blood sugar levels and it makes it possible for the body to store the excess sugar that it doesn’t turn into energy. In order to meet the baby’s needs during pregnancy, the body has to produce more insulin.

This is especially important after the 5th month when the baby starts growing rapidly. If the insulin levels aren’t high enough, you could get affected by gestational diabetes.

Good to know

If you want information in this condition, you should know that you can’t always see the signs of it. This is why the pregnancy glucose tolerance test becomes so important.

If the condition isn’t recognized and treated, there could be some complications with your pregnancy. One of the most common complications is the baby growing too big.

As a result vaginal birth could turn out to be more difficult. You have higher chances of being affected by the problem if your BMI is over 30, if you had a large baby before, if you have a history of gestational diabetes or if you have some family history of the condition.


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