Green Tea During Pregnancy

It is a known fact that normally green tea is very healthy, but when it comes to having green tea during pregnancy, the opinions are mixed.

Some of the specialists say that tea is good for both the mother and the baby.

On the other hand, there are some other specialists who believe that in large amounts even this kind of tea could be dangerous for the health of the baby.

Advantages of green tea during pregnancy

In many cases pregnant women are affected by gum disease. This is something that green tea could help with because it comes with agents that prevent inflammation. In the same time, it keeps the teeth healthy too.

Sometimes the blood sugar level increases and the pregnancy hormones make the body more resistant to insulin. As a result pregnant women could be affected by gestational diabetes.

If you have some green tea while being pregnant you could help your body control the blood sugar levels. It is also known that the tea can help prevent different kinds of cancer.

In the same time it can also strengthen the immune system so that pregnant women won’t be affected by a cold or flu.

Disadvantages of green tea

Although green tea seems to be something magical, you should also take into consideration that it contains caffeine. Researchers have showed that caffeine could have negative effects on the unborn baby, so pregnancy isn’t the right time to have large amounts of caffeine.

It’s not only the baby that could be affected, but caffeine could also reach the breast milk. If you have too much green tea when being pregnant this could deplete folic acid that is very important for the development of the baby especially during the early stages of pregnancy, leading to neural tube defects and other complications.


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