Hip Pain During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman gets used to all the aches and pain her body seems to throw at her during the nine months.

Hip pain during pregnancy is fairly normal and is experienced by most women in the third trimester when the body starts its preparation for the childbirth.

The degree of pain and its effect varies from person to person. Some women report mild pain and yet others may complain of debilitating pain.

Some surveys have also established a link between severe hip pains and Scandinavian ancestry. Currently countries like Norway have special treatments to help pregnant women with hip pains.

Main reasons

Pregnant women experience hip pain due to two reasons. During pregnancy, the body produces relaxin an important pregnancy hormone.

This hormone works to relax and soften all your joints and muscles. This is to help prepare for an easy birth and to make your body more comfortable for the baby during the gestation period.

This also helps to ease the baby’s passage during birth. Relaxin has its disadvantage too, as it makes the bones more susceptible to injury resulting in hip pain for some women.

Another common reason for hip pain in the third trimester is the discomfort caused by the movement and softening of the pelvic area associated with need to carry a heavy uterus.

Helpful remedies

The hip pain caused by pregnancy can be eased with the help of a few practical tips. Use a full body pillow when sleeping to ensure that your posture does not aggravate or cause hip pain. Do not cross your ankles while lying down. The posture can aggravate hip pain. Rest as often as you can, as standing for long periods can cause hip pain.

Try swimming to ease the pain. Staying in water makes the body weightless, easing the pressure on the bones. Prenatal Pilates or yoga classes can help ease the pain too. Prenatal massages and chiropractic treatment from prenatal experts can also bring much wanted relief. Do consult your caregiver before you decide to make these changes.



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