How Sexually Transmitted Diseases Can Affect Your Pregnancy?

You are not alone if you are a woman who is pregnant and has a sexually transmitted disease.

Thousands of cases are reported everyday in the United States. Pregnancy should be a wonderful experience in your life. An STD can complicate your pregnancy.

Your physician will base treatment on what kind of disease you have and how long you have had it. Sometimes a venereal disease will affect your unborn baby.

In most cases though, your baby will be just fine. Your physician will know the best course of action to take to fight these horrible diseases.pregnancy

Early Detection

If you are pregnant, then testing for a venereal disease on your first visit to your physician is something that you should do. If your physician does not normally test for these diseases then you should request a test. It is a good thing to have a venereal disease diagnosed as soon as possible.

Early detection is the key to a more healthy pregnancy. Your physician will be able to prevent complications in your pregnancy for you and your baby with an early detection.

Silent Disease

Chlamydia infection remains silent in your body. You may never know that you have the disease if you are not tested. Infections of Chlamydia are common and it is the most reported venereal disease. This disease can cause complications if not treated.

Chlamydia can cause damage to your fallopian tubes and your uterus. There is a chance that you could pass it on to your unborn child. It can cause you to have your baby too early. This disease can affect your baby’s eyes and breathing.

The good news is that Chlamydia is easy to treat if caught early. A prescription of antibiotics by your physician, such as azithromycin, will clear it up.


Gonorrhea is a venereal disease that if left untreated will affect your cervix, uterus, and your fallopian tubes. Your mouth and throat could show signs of the disease. The disease can show up in your eyes and there are cases where it has been located inside a women’s anus.

This sexually transmitted disease could pass on to your baby during birth. It can cause blindness, joint and blood infections in your baby. Even though this disease could have awful complications, it is easy to treat.

Different antibiotics will be able to treat this type of venereal disease. If you take all of your antibiotics when you are supposed to, then they will cure your gonorrhea.

Treating Syphilis

When you have Syphilis, you may not know it because the symptoms of Syphilis can be the same as with other diseases. [stages of syphilis]

If you have Syphilis then you contracted it from someone who has Syphilis sores. These sores are what pass this disease from person to person.

It is a sad fact that you can pass this on to your unborn child. Early detection is very crucial with this type of venereal disease. If you have had Syphilis for not quite a year then one injection of Penicillin will cure this disease.

Some sexually transmitted diseases are easily treated. Modern medicine is a wonderful thing and it will make your life easier if you are pregnant with a STD.


  1. You are definitely right that women should be having themselves for STD’s during pregnancy as they need not to inflict a child with an STD if possible. If a future mother is at all concerned with having a STD that may be passed on to a child, she should see a doctor before getting pregnant.

    There is no need for a baby to be born with an STD as to which there is no cure for and then have to suffer for the rest of their lives with an STD. If a woman in a situation like this has any morals or feeling, it would be to her advantage not to get pregnant at all than to get pregnant and give to give birth to a child who will suffer for ther rest of their lives having a STD.


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