How to Accidentally Get Pregnant

We have to face the fact that in the U.S. there are many unplanned pregnancies. However if you would like to know how to accidentally get pregnant it looks like it is your purpose to get pregnant.

No matter what your situation may be there are three main elements that have an effect on unplanned pregnancies.

The temptation of the forbidden pleasure

One of them is that unprotected intercourse may seem to be more exciting. It is human nature: you don’t want something to happen, but you still don’t take any measures to avoid it.

For some people it is a turn-on to play with fire. In some cases people don’t really think things through and in the heat of the moment they believe that they want to have a baby. Sometimes they believe that having a baby will get them closer to their partner.

Romance and relationship dreams

Another factor that you have to consider regarding getting pregnant accidentally is that the romantic fantasies could interfere with your judgment. In this case the main point isn’t to have sex, but to be loved and to be connected with the other person.

Usually in this case the only thing that people can think about is how great their life would be with their partner. It’s not that important to have a baby, but these people want to make sure that they can keep their partner by their side.

In other cases people are asking how to get pregnant accidentally because they see it as a means of escape. In some cases this is seen as a solution of breaking free from parents and starting a life on their own.

Sometimes the baby is seen with hope for a better life or simply as a change in life. As you can see in many cases it’s not really an accident that women get pregnant.


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