A Guide on How to Choose the Baby Birth Center

Birth of a baby is a monumental event for every set of parents. Earlier there was only one option for child birth, hospitals! Now, a new and more comfortable setting can be arranged for the expecting mother and the little one. Birth canters are home like settings where women are given more natural aids, than medical and clinical interventions while labor.

How to Choose the Baby Birth Center


The birth centers have registered doctors of course and well trained midwives, and nurses who help women in delivering child naturally, instead of pushing in tons of pain relieving medications and other technical apparatus. However, this does not mean that these centres don’t have the ability to handle crisis situations; they do have but not as upgraded as hospitals.

The reviews from most of the mothers opting for birth centres are very much positive as they are really happy and content with the homely services and friendly staff present. Here are few points that you should consider while choosing a birth center for the upcoming labor –

Be Firm about your Decision

Are you sure you want the delivery to be done in birth center and not in any hospital. Always all birth centres don’t have the extended medical facilities to handle complicated cases; thus check with the concerned gynaecologist that your case is normal and you can easily deliver the child without critical medical apparatus. Hospitals are already equipped with a range of facilities for possible birth complications that might not be available at the birth center.

Another point to consider is that if you want local anesthetics while the process; many birth centers do not use such anesthetics. Furthermore, all insurance companies do not cover the expense of delivery carried out in birth centers – thus these are vital questions to be answered and then take the decision if its hospital or birth center.

Location of the Birth Center

Try to get admitted to a birth center that has easy accessibility from your home. It should not be too far that consumes lot of time as during the labor hours, each and every second is very vital, the baby can get critical if not let out in time. In third trimester the contractions come suddenly, without any warning, thus the birth center should have good transport communication from your home.

In some countries, birth centers are located within hospital premises and are titled as “hospital affiliated”. In case of any complications, you are much closer to better medical assistance. Thus, if you have such choice, you can consider that.

Tour the Facilities Yourself

It is you who will be delivering the child and of course spending some priceless moments with the little one there just after birth – thus it’s important that you have a clear speculation of the birth center before committing to the services. Ask the staff the measures they take if any kind of complication arises. Check the hygiene areas of the birth center like toilets, delivery rooms, baby cots etc. Does the birth center have the state license? Then they should be hiring licensed nurses and midwives.

Apart from the above major points, some more points that should be checked are if you are comfortable enough in the ambience; are the staff understanding and friendly, how many days they will keep you there and so on. So happy motherhood ahead!

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