How To Determine A Twin Pregnancy?

Twin pregnancy is a pregnancy of two fetuses that can be identical or fraternal.

It is found that twin pregnancy occurs in three out of every 100 pregnancies.

It is also known as multiple-pregnancy.

Twin pregnancy usually develops from the fertilization of two separate ova or of a single ovum that splits into two embryos at the early stages of pregnancy.

The twin pregnancy that develops from the fertilization of a single egg is known as identical twins where the twins share the same placenta, but develops in different amniotic sacs in the uterus.Twin Pregnancy

It is very rare that identical twins share single amniotic sac. Identical twins always have same sex type and blood type.

On the other hand, the twin pregnancy that develops from the fertilization of two separate eggs is referred to as fraternal twins. The fraternal twins usually develop in separate amniotic sacs, also have separate placenta. The blood type and sex type can vary in the twins.

There are certain factors that increase your chances of having twin pregnancy. Age is the most common factor. Having pregnancy at an age more than thirty years, increase your possibility of giving birth to twins.

Previous medical history is also a factor for having twin pregnancy. Having twins earlier will also double your chances of having twins again. On the other hand, having a family history of twins also increases your chances of developing twins.

The possibility of having twin pregnancy also increases in the first menstrual cycle after you stop using birth control pills.

Infertility treatment also increases your twin pregnancy. Remember that getting pregnancy through infertility treatment always result in fraternal twins instead of identical.

You can determine a twin pregnancy through several signs. However, these signs differ from woman to woman.

Weight gain is the most common symptom of having twins. Gaining weight about ten pounds in the first trimester and fifteen to twenty-five pounds in the second trimester due to increased blood levels and uterine size generally indicates a twin pregnancy.

Large gestational age is another sign of having twins that develops due to increased uterus size. Excessive morning sickness indicates a twin pregnancy. This symptom develops when you have high hCG level in the body, which is also a symptom of having twins.

Extreme fatigue is the most common sign that develops with twins. Fatigue and exhaustion in the first trimester will be increased due to increased hard work by the body to nurture the fetuses.

A fetal movement during pregnancy is also a sign of twin pregnancy. You may experience more earlier or frequent fetal movement when you carry twins.

Doppler heartbeat count helps determine twins during pregnancy. The doctor confirms a twin pregnancy when two separate heartbeats are heard with a Doppler by 12 weeks of your pregnancy.

Ultrasound also determines a twin pregnancy where it shows two amniotic sacs having two developing embryos after six weeks of your conception. [Pregnancy Ultrasound]

So, it is essential for you to take more prenatal care when you carry more than one baby!


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