Hypothyroidism and Pregnancy Symptoms

The women interested in hypothyroidism and pregnancy symptoms ought to know that in this case the problem comes from an underactive thyroid that occurs quite often during pregnancy. Sadly many of the symptoms of the problem are thought to be normal symptoms of pregnancy and they aren’t assessed correctly.

Hypothyroidism and Pregnancy Symptoms

Symptoms of hypothyroidism and pregnancy

In case the symptoms are mild, women don’t even know they have the problem for longer periods of time. If the thyroid gland is underactive, it produces to little thyroid hormones.

The symptoms are mostly mild and they appear gradually, mimicking the symptoms of depression.

The signs vary from one person to the other and they include dull facial expressions, slow speech, hoarse voice, swollen and puffy face, droopy eyelids and weight gain.

When it comes to the hypothyroidism and pregnancy symptoms, you should also think about constipation, dry, coarse and sparse hair, dry, thickened and coarse skin, slow pulse, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle cramps, confusion and thinning eyebrows.

As you may see, the signs of hypothyroidism and pregnancy are similar to the symptoms of other medical conditions and this is why the best thing that you could do is to see a doctor about the symptoms that you have, to get the right diagnosis.

The fetus

You might have guessed that the hypothyroidism and pregnancy symptoms also affect the baby. During the early stages of pregnancy the baby cannot produce thyroid hormones on its own and so it relies on its mothers. If there is a lack of these hormones, the effects on the baby could be devastating.

Treating the warning signs of pregnancy and hypothyroidism

If the problem is diagnosed, the doctor may suggest hormone therapy. The dosage of the hormones depends on the hormone levels of each individual. This treatment is safe and it is important for both the baby and the mother. Upon birth, the baby will have a routine thyroid test. This is just to make sure that the baby is healthy.

All in all we can say that the hypothyroidism and pregnancy symptoms may be quite difficult to recognize. This is why it is so important for women to listen to their bodies because they will be the first to know if there is something wrong. They should also make sure to attend all their doctor’s appointments.


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