Ibuprofen During Pregnancy

Ibuprofen is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory medication that is safe to be taken during certain stages of pregnancy and for limited periods of time.

This is good news for you if you were thinking about taking Ibuprofen during pregnancy. However, the majority of the specialists say that women should avoid all kinds of medication, especially during the last trimester.

If you are looking for some pain relief it is alright to take Ibuprofen at the early stages of pregnancy. Before you take any kind of medication you should talk to your health care provider first.


According to the researches that were conducted in this field, there is no direct link between Ibuprofen and miscarriages. Some of the researches show that if women take Ibuprofen regularly during the first trimester this may prevent the implantation of embryo.

On the other hand there were some other studies that found no connection between Ibuprofen and pregnancy. There are a lot of women concerned about taking Ibuprofen while being pregnant.

They fear of low birth weight, preterm labor or birth defects. The studies showed no link between these problems and taking the medication at the early stages of pregnancy.

The third trimester

The majority of the specialists suggest women not to take any kind of medication during the third trimester. Some of the side effects of pregnant women taking Ibuprofen include inhibiting labor. In the same time the amniotic fluid could also be reduced. It is also possible for the blood pressure to rise in the lungs of the baby.

Sometimes it is a must to take Ibuprofen, but this should happen under the supervision of a specialist. The general side effects of the medication could be exacerbated during pregnancy, so this is something to keep in mind if you are thinking about taking the medication.


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