Iron During Pregnancy

Hemoglobin has a very important role to play during pregnancy. Since you also have to think about your baby, you have to think about having some extra iron.

It is a known fact that if a woman has iron deficiency before she gets pregnant, the problem becomes even more serious during pregnancy. In the same time iron during pregnancy is something vital for the baby.

This is the only nutrient that the baby can receive only from the mother. Usually women can’t get enough iron solely from their diet. The demand of iron doubles during pregnancy and this is why it is best to take some supplements that also contain this nutrient.

Iron deficit

If a woman has low iron levels, she may be affected by incessant fatigue. In the same time the chances of fainting spells and illnesses also increase. If there isn’t enough iron, the job of the heart of the mother becomes more difficult.

It is known that it is important to have iron while being pregnant because if the mother doesn’t have enough of this nutrient she could have to face excessive bleeding during childbirth.

Nonetheless you also have to consider that too much iron could also be dangerous for the health of the mother and of the baby.


It is a good idea to take iron supplements because they support the production of hemoglobin and so women will have all the energy they need during pregnancy.

The tablets containing iron come in numerous different forms and under different names, like ferrous gluconate, ferrous sulfate or ferrous fumarate.

When it comes to iron when being pregnant you should know that vitamin C makes it easier for the body to absorb iron. This is why the supplements should be taken with fruit juices instead of water.


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