Is It Common To Feel Itchy During Pregnancy?

Itching during pregnancy is extremely common around your belly and breasts as the skin stretches to accommodate the changes.

Hormonal changes can cause itching such as changes in estrogen levels as well.

Some of the pregnant women notice that their hands, palms and soles become red and feel itchy.

This is due to the drastic increase in the production of estrogen. Usually the condition disappears after the delivery.itchy during pregnancy

Here are some tips to get relief from this dreadful condition:

  • Avoid hot baths which can even dry out the skin further more and thus make itching worse and use mild detergents while showering.
  • Apply unscented moisturizer just after getting out of the bath so that your skin absorbs more moisture and prevents itches from taking place. Use the products that have soothing agents such as aloe vera, tee tree oil, etc.
  • A warm bath with soothing products like oatmeal can relieve itching.
  • Wear loose clothes and don’t go out when the sun is burning intensively hot in the day because heat definitely makes itching worse.
  • Apply moisture like cocoa butter to the abdomen so that there is less chance for the occurrence of stretch marks.

If you have severe itchiness around the vagina, then it may be due to fungal infection.

For this you need to use creams or pessaries. If you feel itchy around the anus, then it may be due to piles or hemorrhoids. For this, consult your doctor for advice.


  1. Hi, I am 13 weeks pregnant and was taking Maternal for a time frame of 2.5 months. I stopped as my palms, hands, feet and soles appeared to have a rash and VERY ITCHY. I stopped taking it for 2 weeks. I got a bit of relief towards the end of the 2 weeks. My doctors took then prescribed Preg Vit and the first day taking it the itching started all over again. Its completely frustating when driving and trying to sleep when this occurs. Please for any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Jen


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